October 23, 2019

What Happens if my Weekly Benefit Checks are Late?

late workers compensation checkI understand how important it is that you receive your weekly temporary total disability benefits on time.     If you are like many of my clients, when you lose your regular paycheck and you are depending on workers’ compensation, you may be living week to week and you may face significant and dire consequences when your checks are late.  Here is what you need to know about late payments, the penalties that the insurance company must pay and what you can do to force the insurance company to issue your check.

Assuming that your claim has been accepted and you are not currently working, your employer’s insurance company must pay your weekly benefit checks on time.

Your first weekly benefit check must be mailed on day 21 after the accident if that check is mailed within Georgia, and it must mailed on the 18th day after the accident if it is mailed from an address outside the state of Georgia.  The day of the accident does not count when calculating dates.

Subsequent checks mailed from within Georgia must be postmarked as of the last day of the week (i.e. Saturday) in order for payment to be considered timely.

Subsequent checks mailed from outside of Georgia must be postmarked by the Thursday of the week it is due in order for the payment to be considered timely. [Read more…]