April 1, 2020

What to do About Substandard Medical Care in Your Workers’ Compensation Case

industrial clinic doctorIf you have never been involved in the Georgia workers’ compensation system before, you may be shocked and disappointed to learn that some of the physicians you meet seem to have an agenda other than your health and best interest. The Georgia workers’ compensation statute has created an environment where insurance companies have a financial interest to find and use doctors who downplay the seriousness of your injuries and who intentionally avoid referring you for necessary, but expensive care.  The net result of this system can mean delay and unnecessary suffering for you.

I sometimes receive calls from injured workers who are receiving weekly wage benefits as well as medical care, who wonder why they should hire counsel if everything “seems to be working out okay.”  Sometimes they sense that something is not quite right but are wary of rocking the boat.

Know Your Doctor’s Reputation

I respond that one of the most valuable services I offer my clients has to do with my knowledge of and opinions about the medical providers that accept workers’ compensation referrals in Georgia.  After 20+ years of practice in this area of law, I have seen or know about the biases and quality of work offered by most of these doctors. [Read more…]

Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Web Site – a Useful Resource

Our firm’s blog and web site makes frequent reference to the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.   The State Board functions as the court system for workers’ compensation claims in Georgia.  The Board is a creation of the state legislature and it uses different forms that what you might see in a Georgia State or Superior Court.

I hope that this blog, along with the Ginsberg Law workers’ compensation web site, will be helpful resources for you as you educate yourself about Georgia workers’ comp. law.  Another very useful site is the web site published by the State Board itself.   While some of the material on the State Board’s site is geared towards lawyers, insurance companies and employers, there is a great deal of useful information there for injured workers.  For example the State Board web site has a very helpful FAQ section written for the benefit of injured workers.   Another section is written for employers – as injured worker, however, you can learn from this as well.  Another area of the State Board web site that you may want to review is the section that includes the various official forms that employers, insurers and claimant’s lawyers must use.

One of the main themes of the State Board site relates to how workers’ compensation is different than personal injury law.   If you understand, for example, that pain and suffering are not part of a workers’ compensation claim, or that an insurance company does not have to settle, you can make better choices in your own case.  If you are an injured worker, you obviously have concerns that transcend the organizational structure of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.  However, you may find that an understanding of how the Board works can help you maximize your recovery should you have an injury claim.