February 19, 2020

Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis Need Not Arise from Repetitive Motion Job Tasks

In our Georgia workers compensation law practice, we regularly see carpal tunnel cases.  Carpel tunnel syndrome arises when the muscles in the wrist swell and compress the nerve running down the arm into the hand.  When this median nerve gets squeezed, you will experience pain, numbness and tingling in the hands.  In severe cases, a patient can suffer permanent nerve damage.  Females are more likely than males to develop carpel tunnel syndrome.

If rest does not resolve the condition, the usual treatment for carpel tunnel injuries is surgery called a carpel tunnel release expands the space for the nerve and tendons and thereby relieves the pressure on the nerve.

Carpel tunnel injuries usually arise from repetitive motion type jobs.  Examples of these types of jobs include:

  • deboning chickens
  • typing
  • sewing
  • meat packing
  • small parts assemblers

At Ginsberg Law Offices, we represent many carpel tunnel claimants.  An important part of our work is to get our clients to a doctor who specializes in wrist, hand and repetitive motion injuries and to see to it that our clients get appropriate rehabilitation care. [Read more…]