February 24, 2020

Am I Covered if I am Injured After Work While Walking to the Parking Lot?

As a rule, if you are injured traveling to or from work, you are not covered by Georgia workers’ compensation. However, there is an exception to this rule. These exceptions include:

  • instances when your employer provides transportation
  • when you do doing some function that is permitted or required by your employer
  • when you are walking to or from the parking lot provided by the employer
  • when you are an “on-call” employee and your employer furnishes transportation
  • when your employer provides you with a vehicle, you are covered when you enter the vehicle and stops when finish your job task

As you might imagine, there is a lot of litigation when an employee is injured off the worksite. There are literally hundreds of published cases and our experience has been that every case has to be analyzed on its own merits. Therefore, if you are injured off site, you may have an uphill battle, but do not assume that there is no way that you are covered.

Fact specific situations are ones where experienced legal counsel can be of great help to you.

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Jodi Ginsberg

Attorney Jodi Ginsberg represents employees who are injured on the job and who need medical care and missed wage benefits available under Georgia's workers' compensation laws.


  1. Sonji Lewis says

    I wanted to know if there was anything that could be done to help me. I had surgery on my left shoulder and have reached MMI with a disability rating and significant work/lifting restrictions (I’m a nurse). Now, my right arm is starting to grind and bother me. I know it’s from overuse of it because I had no problems with it until I kept having surgeries on my left (3) and had to use it all the time. Is this a part of my workers comp. claim or do I have to be on my own with this?

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